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Molecular morphology of 18S rDNA of the Bivalvia

9. Annual meeting of the GfBS. ODE 7(3): 252 file 1 page 31

Authors/Editors: Feistel S
Haszprunar G
Publication Date: 2007
Type of Publication: Congress Contributions and Posters
The PHYLOGENY OF BIVALVES (Mollusca) consisting of about 20.000 species is still uncertain. Conventional morphology and sequence analyses did not provide conclusive results beyond the four subtaxa Protobranchia, Pteriomorpha, Heterodonta and Schizodonta. This study is concentrated on the FOLDING PATTERNS OF SLOWLY EVOLVING 18S RDNA molecules in expectation of finding “deep phylogenetic” information, i.e. pre-Cambrian or Cambrian structural signatures.

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