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Valleys deep, mountains high - 3D-topography of cell nuclei in the anchovy retina.

20th Neuro DoWo Würzburg 2009, abstract booklet: 21, p.112-113.

Authors/Editors: Koch PC
Seebacher C
Heß M
Publication Date: 2009
Type of Publication: Congress Contributions and Posters
From morphological point of view retinal cell topography is a complex character that is shaped non-accidentally by evolutionary pressure. Thus topography has high significance regarding functional morphology and the visual ecology of a retina. In this study we present a feasible technique for the parallel three-dimensional examination of all retinal cell types (see fig. I) without laborious sectioning or staining techniques. The combination of fluorescent labelling of cell nuclei with two-photon-microscopy, in conjunction with computer aided evaluation of digital 3D-image data provides new possibilities of topographic and correlative examination of retinal structures. 

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