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A new species of Dillwynella in the Atlantic Ocean.

Systematic Dagarna, Stockholm, Abstracts

Authors/Editors: Kunze T
Publication Date: 2009
Type of Publication: Congress Contributions and Posters
Dillwynella is a marine gastropod genus known from natural wood fall and algal holdfast from the Caribbean Sea and the Pacific Ocean, with Dillwynella modesta (Dall, 1889) as type species. Since recently seven species of this genus are known. Beside D. modesta three are described from the New Zealand region and four from Sagami Bay. The depth range differs between 120¬¬–1200 m.

Dillwynella sp. nov. (holotype will be deposited in: The Field Museum of National History, Chicago, U.S.A.) from the Gulf of Mexico is the second species found in the Atlantic. It was found on natural wood fall in a depth of 610 m.  With a maximum diameter of  5.5 mm, it is the largest species of this genus. Description was undertaken on an adult shell. SEM pictures were taken of dried softpart, radula (both holotype) and protoconch (paratype).


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