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B.Sc. Vanessa Bartsch

Morphologie eines endoparasitischen Gastropoden der Gattung Diacolax

In the context of this work important knowledge about a to date unknown snail which lives endoparasitic inside sea cucumbers (Thyonidiinae) could be gained. The morphology could almost be completely reconstructed using 3D imaging technology. The most complex structure turned out to be the genital system. It consists of an ovary as well as a broodpouch and several reproductive glands. The digestive system is solely made up of a large hepatopancreas which is connected to the proboscis. Furthermore, the histological data suggests that a kidney and a heart as well as a dwarf male are also present. It is now clear that the examined specimen is very similar to Diacolax cucumariae which was described 1946 by Mandahl-Barth especially with respect to the larva's shell morphology. Nonetheless, the snail could not be systematically resolved to a satisfying extend.