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Original Papers

Egger C; Neusser TP; Norenburg J; Lease F; Buge B; Vannozzi A; Cunha RL; Cox CJ; Jörger KM (2019)

Uncovering the shell game with barcodes: diversity of meiofaunal Caecidae snails (Truncatelloidea, Caenogastropoda) from Central America

ZooKeys 968: 1-42.
Bergmeier F S; Haszprunar G; Brandt A; Saito H; Kano Y; Jörger K M (2019)

Of basins, plains, and trenches: Systematics and distribution of Solenogastres (Mollusca, Aplacophora) in the Northwest Pacific

Progress in Oceanography, 178.
Flammensbeck CK; Haszprunar G; Korshunova T; Martynov AV; Neusser TP; Jörger KM (2019)

Pseudovermis paradoxus 2.0 – 3D microanatomy and ultrastructure of a vermiform, meiofaunal nudibranch (Gastropoda, Heterobranchia).

Organisms Diversity & Evolution 19: 41-62.
Schulz-Mierbach T; Ladich F; Lychakow DV; Plath M; Heß M (2019)

Enigmatic ear stones: What do we know about the functional role and evolution of fish otoliths?

Biological Reviews 94: 457-482 (doi: 10.1111/brv.12463)
Baker P; Minzlaff U; Schoenle A; Schwabe E; Hohlfeld M; Jeuck A; Brencke N; Prausse D; Rothenbeck M; Brix S; Frutos I; Joerger K M; Neusser TP; Koppelmann R; Devey C; Brandt A; Arndt H (2018)

Potential contribution of surface-dwelling Sargassum algae to deep-sea ecosystems in the southern North Atlantic

Deep Sea Research Part II 148: 21-34
Neusser TP (2018)

Zwischen Forschung, Lehre und Koordination. (non peer-reviewed)

In: Perspektiven – Berufsbilder von und für Biologen und Biowissenschaftler. Verband für Biologie, Biowissenschaften und Biomedizin e.V., 10. Auflage: 35
Neusser TP; Schrödl M (2018)

Tiefseemonsterschnecken: Neue Art, neue Gattung, neue Familie!

ZSM Collection Blog 10th February 2017.
Neusser TP (2018)

Magische Unterwasserwelt – Tiefseeforscher präsentieren ihre Lieblingstiere. (Radiobeitrag)

Bayern2, IQ-Wissenschaft und Forschung vom 02.11.2018.
Schulz-Mierbach T; Olbinado M; Rack A; Mittone A; Bravin A; Melzer R; Ladich F; Heß M (2018)

In-situ visualization of sound-induced otolith motion using hard X-ray phase contrast imaging.

Scientific Reports 8: 3121 (12 pp) doi: 10.1038/s41598-018-21367-0
Prötzel D; Heß M; Scherz MD; Schwager M; Padje A; Glaw F (2018)

Widespread bone-based fluorescence in chameleons.

Scientific Reports 8: 698 (9 pp)
Schulz-Mierbach T; Olbinado M; Rack A; Mittone A; Bravin A; Melzer R; Ladich F; Heß M (2017)

In-situ visualization of sound-induced otolith motion using hard X-ray phase contrast imaging.

Scientific Reports (accepted)
Wilson N G; Joerger K M; Brenzinger B; Schrödl M (2017)

Phylogenetic placement of the enigmatic worm-like Rhodopemorpha slugs as basal Heterobranchia

Journal of Molluscan Studies 83(4): 399-408
Lehmann T; Heß M; Melzer R (2017)

Sense organs in Pycnogonida: A review.

Acta Zoologica 00:1–20
Fernández-Gago R; Heß M; Gensler H; Rocha F (2017)

3D reconstruction of the digestive system in Octopus vulgaris Cuvier, 1797 embryos and paralarvae until the first month of life.

Frontiers in Physiology 8: article 462 (11 pp.)
Cesena F; Geiselbrecht H; Heß M; Landmann S; Lehmann T; Mavric B; Melzer R; Meyer R; Pfannkuchen M; Bursic M (2017)

First record of the snapping shrimp, Automate branchialis Holthuis & Gottlieb, 1958 for Croatian waters (Decapoda, Alpheidae).

Spixiana 40(1): 36
Wilson N G; Joerger K M; Brenzinger B; Schrödl M (2017)

Phylogenetic placement of the enigmatic worm-like Rhodopemorpha slugs as basal Heterobranchia

Journal of Molluscan Studies 83(4): 399-408
Heß M (2017)

Ein Hoch auf unseren Chef zum 60.

Spixiana 40(1): 2-5
Sinclair JL; Fischl MJ; Alexandrova O; Heß M; Grothe B; Leibold C; Scheinpflug C (2017)

Sound-evoked activity influences myelination of branstem axons.

Journal of Neuroscience 37(34): 8239-8255
Bergmeier F S; Brandt A; Schwabe E; Jörger K M (2017)

Scratching the surface of deep-sea diversity: abyssal Solenogastres (Mollusca, Aplacophora) from the Northwest Pacific.

Frontiers in Marine Science 4(410): 1-22
Kubilius RA; Kohnert P C; Brenzinger B; Schrödl M (2017)

3D-microanatomy of the straight-shelled pteropod Creseis clava (Gastropoda: Heterobranchia: Euthecosomata)

Journal of Molluscan Studies 80(5): 585-603
Drainas K; Carlson CH; Joerger K M; Schrödl M; Neusser TP (2017)

The first helicoid sea slug: 3D microanatomy of Helicohedyle dikiki n. gen., n. sp. (Panpulmonata, Acochlidiida) from Guam

Journal of Molluscan Studies 84: 1-11
Melzer R R; Bursic M; Cesena F; Dömel J S; Heß M; Landmann S; Metz M; Pfannkuchen M; Reed I; Meyer R (2016)

High decapod diversity revealed by minimal-invasive, short-term survey of Brijuni marine protected area

Biodiversity and Conservation 25: 1559-1567
Kotrba M; Heß M; Dallai R (2016)

Giant spermatozoa of Diasemopsis (Diopsidae, Diptera) – Structural, ultrastructural and functional aspects

Arthropod Strucuture & Development 45: 42-56
Kano Y; Brenzinger B; Nützel A; Wilson N G; Schrödl M (2016)

Ringiculid bubble snails recovered as the sister group to sea slugs (Nudipleura)

Scientific Reports (Nature Group) 6: 30908
Bergmeier F S; Melzer R R; Haszprunar G; Jörger K M (2016)

Getting the most out of minute singletons: molecular data from SEM-samples in Solenogastres (Mollusca)

The Malacologist 66: 23-25 (non-peer reviewed)
Bergmeier F S; Haszprunar G; Todt C; Jörger K M; Jörger K M (2016)

Lost in a taxonomic Bermuda Triangle: comparative 3D-microanatomy of cryptic mesopsammic Solenogastres (Mollusca)

Organisms Diversity and Evolution 16:613-639
Heß M; Schönitzer K (2016)

Treehoppers of the ACP Panguana (Peru) (Auchenorrhyncha, Membracidae) with additional faunistic remarks and 3D-SEM illustrations

Mitteilungen der Münchner Entomologischen Gesellschaft 106: 39-64
Kano Y; Neusser T P; Fukumori H; Joerger K M; Schrödl M (2015)

Sea-slug invasion of the land.

Biological Journal of the Linnean Society. Doi: 10.1111/bij.12578
Sumner-Rooney L H; Schrödl M; Lodde-Bensch E; Lindberg D R; Heß M; Brennan G P; Sigwart J D (2015)

A neurophylogeny approach provides new insight to the evolution of Scaphopoda

Evolution and Development 17 (6): 337–346
Neusser T P; Bourke A J; Metcalfe K; Willan R C (2015)

First record of Aitengidae (Mollusca: Panpulmonata: Acochlidia) for Australia

Northern Territory Naturalist 26: 27-31
Tankovic MS; Baricevic A; Perusco V S; Melzer R; Lopez A I; Dömel J S; Heß M; Kuzat N; Pfannkuchen D M; Pfannkuchen M (2014)

Experimental evidence for shaping and bloom inducing effects of decapod larvae of Xantho poressa (Olivi, 1792) on marine phytoplankton.

JMBA 98(8): 1881-1887
Brandt A; Havermans C; Janussen D; Jörger KM; Meyer-Löbbecke A; Schnurr S; Schüller M; Schwabe E; Brandao S; Würzberg L (2014)

Composition and abundance of epibenthic sledge catches in the South Polar Front of the Atlantic

Deep Sea Research Part II Topical Studies in Oceanography 108: 69-75
Jörger KM; Schrödl M; Schwabe E; Würzberg L (2014)

A glimpse into the deep of the Antarctic Polar Front - diversity and abundance of abyssal molluscs

Deep Sea Research Part II Topical Studies in Oceanography 108: 93-100
Chen CC; Keller M; Heß M; Schiffmann R; Urban N; Wolfgardt A; Schaefer M; Bracher F; Biel M; Wahl-Schott CA; Grimm C (2014)

A small molecule restores function to TRPML1 mutant isoforms responsible for mucolipidosis type IV

Nature Communications 5:4681 (doi: 10.1038/ncomms5681)
Jörger KM; Migotto AE; Haszprunar G; Neusser TP (2014)

3D-microanatomy of mesopsammic Pseudovermis salamandrops Marcus, 1953 from Brazil (Nudibranchia, Gastropoda)

Marine Biodiversity 44: 327-341, Doi: 10.1007/s12526-014-0224-5
Lehmann T; Hess M; Melzer RR (2014)

SEM-atlas of the Pycnogonida of the Mediterranean sea: I: common littoral species.

Zoosystematics and Evolutionn 90(2): 163-224 doi: 10.3897/zse.90.7520
Zapata F; Wilson NG; Howison M; Andrade SCS; Jörger KM; Schrödl M; Goetz FE; Giribet G; Dunn CW (2014)

Phylogenomics analyses of deep gastropod relationships reject Orthogastropoda

Proceedings of the Royal Society, London, Series B 281: 20141739, Doi:10.1101/007039
Joerger K M; Brenzinger B; Neusser T P; Martynov A V; Wilson N G; Schrödl M (2014)

Panpulmonate habitat transitions: tracing the evolution of Acochlidia (Heterobranchia, Gastropoda)

Available form bioRxiv Preprint Server. Doi:
Sigwart JD; Sumner-Rooney LH; Schwabe E; Heß M; Brennan GP; Schroedl M (2014)

"Schwabeorgan" Description of a new sensory organ in "primitive" molluscs (Polyplacophora: Lepidopleurida).

Frontiers in Zoology 11:7
Jörger KM; Neusser TP; Brenzinger B; Schrödl M (2014)

Exploring the diversity of mesopsammic gastropods: how to collect, identify, and delimitate small and elusive sea slugs?

American Malacological Bulletin 32(2): 290-307
Janussen D; Brandao S; Cedhagen T; Hauquier F; Havermans C; Jörger K M; Lejzerowicz F; Meyer-Löbbecke A; Schnurr S; Schwabe E; Vortkamp M; Würzberg L; Zinnkann A-C; Brandt A (2013)

Agassiz Trawl (AGT) deployments.

115-117 In: Wolf-Gladrow, D. (ed.). The expedition of the Research Vessel “Polarstern” to the Antarctic in 2012 (ANT-XXVIII/3). Berichte zur Polar- und Meeresforschung 661: 1-190. (non-peer reviewed)
Haszprunar G; Judge J (2013)

New types of bacterial endosymbioses in gastropods

Abstract 106. Jahrestagung der Deutschen Zoologischen Gesellschaft, München: 393
Martínez A; Di Domenico M; Jörger K M; Norenburg J L; Worsaae K (2013)

Description of three new species of Protodrilius (Protodrillidae, Annelida) from Central America.

Marine Biology Research 9(7): 676-691
Kano Y; Fukumori H; Brenzinger B; Warén A (2013)

Driftwood as a vector for the oceanic dispersal of estuarine gastropods (Neritidae) and an evolutionary pathway to the sunken-wood community

Journal of Molluscan Studies, 79(4): 378-382
Brandt A; Würzberg L; Brandao S; Schnurr S; Meyer-Löbbecke A; Havermanns C; Zinnkann A-C; Jörger K M; Schwabe E; Janussen D; Vortkamp M (2013)

The Epibenthic Sledge (EBS) deployment

87-90 In: Wolf-Gladrow, D. (ed.). The expedition of the Research Vessel “Polarstern” to the Antarctic in 2012 (ANT-XXVIII/3). Berichte zur Polar- und Meeresforschung 661: 1-190. (non-peer reviewed)
Kohnert P C; Brenzinger B; Jensen K R; Schrödl M (2013)

3D-microanatomy of the semiterrestrial slug Gascoignella aprica Jensen, 1985 - a basal plakobranchacean sacoglossan (Gastropoda, Panpulmonata)

Organisms, Diversity and Evolution, 13: 583-603.
Schrödl M; Brenzinger B; Neusser TP (2013)

Mega-Expedition zum Zentrum der Biodiversität: Papua Niugini 2012-2013

GfBS News 28: 24-25.
Schwabe E; Jörger K M; Würzberg L; Schrödl M (2013)

Biogeography and phylogeny of southern Atlantic deep-sea Mollusca.

112-114 In: Wolf-Gladrow, D. (ed.). The expedition of the Research Vessel “Polarstern” to the Antarctic in 2012 (ANT-XXVIII/3). Berichte zur Polar- und Meeresforschung 661: 1-190. (non-peer reviewed)
Heß M; Metscher BD (2013)

Sensory epithelia of the fish inner ear in 3D

Frontiers in Zoology 10:63
Lehmann T; Heß M; Melzer R (2012)

Wiring a periscope - ocelli, retinula axons, visual neuropils and the ancestrality of sea spiders.

PLoS ONE 7(1): e30474 (3D rendering)
Jörger K M; Wilson N G; Norenburg J L; Schrödl M (2012)

Barcoding against a paradox? Combined molecular species delineation reveals multiple cryptic lineages in elusive meiofaunal sea slugs.

BMC Evolutionary Biology 12: 245
Brenzinger B; Wilson N G; Schrödl M (2011)

3D-microanatomy of a gastropod 'worm', Rhodope rousei n. sp. (Heterobranchia) from Southern Australia

Journal of Molluscan Studies, 77(4): 375-387
Martynov A V; Brenzinger B; Hooker Y; Schrödl M (2011)

3D-anatomy of a new tropical Peruvian nudibranch gastropod species, Corambe mancorensis, and novel hypotheses on dorid gill ontogeny and evolution

Journal of Molluscan Studies, 77(2): 129-141
Neusser T P; Fukuda H; Jörger K M; Kano Y; Schrödl M (2011)

Sacoglossa or Acochlidia? 3D reconstruction, molecular phylogeny and evolution of Aitengidae (Gastropoda, Heterobranchia)

Journal of Molluscan Studies 77: 332-350
Schrödl M; Jörger K M; Klussmann-Kolb A; Wilson N G (2011)
Bye bye Opisthobranchia: a review of the contribution of meiofaunal slugs to euthyneuran systematics Thallasas 27 (2): 101-112
Neusser T P; Glaubrecht M; Haszprunar G; Schrödl M; Brenzinger B (2011)

Redescription and three-dimensional reconstruction of the limnic acochlidian gastropod Strubellia paradoxa (Strubell, 1892) (Gastropoda: Euthyneura) from Ambon, Indonesia.

Journal of Natural History 45(3/4): 183-209.
Haszprunar G; Heß M (2011)

Interaktive 3D-anatomy and affinities of the Hyalogyrinidae, basal Heterobranchia with a rhipidoglossate radula.

Organisms, Diversity and Evolution 11(3): 201-236
Schrödl M; Neusser T P (2010)

Towards a phylogeny and evolution of Acochlidia (Mollusca: Gastropoda: Opisthobranchia).

Zoological Journal of the Linnean Society 158(1): 124-154
Jörger K M; Stöger I; Kano Y; Fukuda H; Knebelsberger T; Schrödl M (2010)
On the origin of Acochlidia and other enigmatic euthyneuran gastropods, with implications for the systematics of Heterobranchia BMC Evolutionary Biology 10: 323
Martin R; Schrödl M; Heß M; Tomaschko KH (2010)

Cnidosac-related structures in Embletonia (Mollusca, Nudibranchia) compared with dendronotacean and aeolidacean species.

The Open Marine Biology Journal 4: 96-100
Seebacher C; Heß M (2010)
3D-topography of cell nuclei in a vertebrate retina - A confocal and two-photon microscopic study Journal of Neuroscience Methods 188: 127-140
Neusser T; Martynov A V; Schrödl M (2009)

Heartless and primitive? 3D reconstruction of the polar acochlidian gastropod Asperspina murmanica.

Acta Zoologica 90(3): 228-245
Neusser T P; Heß M; Schrödl M (2009)

Tiny but complex - interactive 3D visualization of the interstitial acochlidian gastropod Pseudunela cornuta (Challis, 1970) 

Frontiers in Zoology 2009, 6:20 (3D interactive)
Heß M; Brückner M; Haszprunar G (2008)
Skeneimorph gastropods in Neomphalina and Vetigastropoda - a preliminary report. Zoosymposia 1: 119-131.
Egea J; Erlacher C; Montanez E; Burtscher I; Yamagashi S; Heß M; Hampel F; Sanchez R; Rodriguez-Manzaneque M T; Boesl M; Fässler R; Lickert H; Klein R (2008)
A novel morphogenetic function for the anterior visceral endoderm in restricting epithelial-to-mesenchymal transition to the primitive streak. Genes & Development 22: 3349-3362
Haszprunar G; Ruthensteiner B (2008)
3D interactive microanatomy of Omalogyra atomus (Philippi, 1841) (Gastropoda, Heterobranchia, Omalogyridae). Zoosymposia 1: 101-118 (3D interactive)
Jörger K M; Neusser T P; Haszprunar G; Schrödl M (2008)
Undersized and underestimated: 3D-visualization of the Mediterranean interstitial acochlidian gastropod Pontohedyle milaschewitchii (Kowalevsky, 1901). Organisms, Diversity & Evolution 8: 194-214
Ruthensteiner B; Heß M (2008)
Embedding 3D-models of biological specimens in pdf-publications. Microscopy Research and Technique 71 (1): 778-786 (3D interactive)
Jörger K M; Meyer R; Wehrtmann I S (2008)
Species composition and vertical distribution of chitons (Mollusca, Polyplacophora) in a rocky, intertidal zone of the Pacific coast of Costa Rica. Journal of the Marine Biological Association of the United Kingdom 88 (4): 807-816
Heß M (2007)
Semi-Automated mapping of cell nuclei in 3D-stacks from optical-sectioning microscopy. Lecture Notes in Artificial Intelligence 4826: 156-164
Neusser T P; Heß M; Haszprunar G; Schrödl M (2007)
Sperm ultrastructure of Microhedyle remanei an interstitial acochlidian gastropod with dermal fertilization. Journal of the Marine Biological Association of the United Kingdom 87: 747-754
Schrödl M; Ryall P; Gertin T; Neusser T P (2007)

West African Navanax aenigmaticus.

Sea Slug Forum. Australian Museum, Sydney. Available from Non Peer-reviewed
Neusser T P; Jörger K M; Schrödl M (2007)
Exploring cerebral features in Acochlidia (Gastropoda: Opisthobranchia). Bonner Zoologische Beiträge 55 (3/4): 301-310
Neusser TP; Hess M; Haszprunar G; Schrödl M (2007)

Sperm ultrastructure of Mircohedyle remanei, an interstitial acochlidian gastropod with dermal fertiliziation

Journal of the Marine Biological Association of the UK 87(3): 747-754
Schrödl M; Neusser T P (2006)

Phylogeny and evolution of acochlidian opisthobranchs.

Sea Slug Forum. Australian Museum, Sydney. Available from Non peer-reviewed
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Web construction and modification by Achaearanea tesselata (Araneae, Theridiidae). Journal of Arachnology 34(3): 511-523
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Reticulate sympatric speciation in Cameroonian crater lake cichlids. Frontiers in Zoology 2004, 1:5
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Fine structure and development of the retina of the grenadier anchovy Coilia nasus (Engraulididae, Clupeiformes).  Journal of Morphology 248: 41-55
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The eyes of a "nobody", Anoplodactylus petiolatus (Pantopoda; Anoplodactylidae).  Helgoländer Meeresuntersuchungen 50: 25-36
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Die Virulenzgene von Isolaten von Bremia lactucae Regel in der Bundesrepublik Deutschland Gartenbauwissenschaft 54 (6), pp 244-249.